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Let Lawgarithm assist you to review your incoming contract more quickly and focus on what matters
Define your contract policy

Defining a contractual policy allows a company to determine the risks it agrees to take and those it wants to control. 

In this policy, experts can identify the clauses they consider important or mandatory. They can integrate accurate and specific guidelines for their company, which become the reference in the contract review. 

Instantly scan your

Lawgarithm's Contract Scanner allows users to download a contract in one click and instantly identify important, mandatory and missing points in his contracts. focus on priorities and effectively address contract deficiencies by quickly integrating standard clauses and recommendations into documents

Implement and track 

Compliance is the guarantee that all contracts validated by the legal departments comply with the rules defined by the company. In an instant, Lawgarithm gathers all the clauses classified by subject and the user finds all the notes, standard clauses and recommendations for each type of clause. 

*Limited time offer - Expires 04/30/2019
I deal with similar types of contracts and would typically go through old projects to standardize my review. 
Exchanging with the other lawyers and finally defining contract policies has simplified this process. I no longer dig up old contracts !
Frederic, legal in-house
As a real estate professional, my priority is to close the best deal possible for my clients.
Lawgarithm's contract scanner has tremendously accelerated contract review, so I can focus on business.
Asma, real estate agent
My teams have excellent expertise and great sense of priorities: they will always deliver on time! But sometimes, this means missing a few important steps. Lawgarithm gives them and me the ability to check that the key risks are correctly covered.
Awa, Manager

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